Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Some people save their pets

Survivor with chainsaw
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A Coast Guard crew from Airstation Atlantic City, N.J., hoisted a man with a chainsaw after spotting him waving a sheet from a window. Both the man and the chainsaw were dropped at a local fire department where other survivors had gathered.

And other people save their power tools?

Latest update on current CG ops:

More than 3,300 Coast Guard men and women from Florida to Louisiana continue to utilize a mix of more than 50 aircraft, dozens of cutters and hundreds of small boats to conduct search, rescue, response, waterway reconstitution and environmental impact assessment operations today.

The numbers of rescues have decreased significantly in the last 36 hours, with only about 50 people being helped to safety in the New Orleans area Tuesday, bringing the number of people rescued to date to more than 23,800 people.
Scuttle is that JTF Katrina (that would be Joint Task Force Katrina) is taking over ops and air assets flying (and perhaps other) will likely be DoD dominated. CG air assets will quickly demob.

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