Thursday, September 01, 2005

They're not flying alone

Coast Guard Jayhawk
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You know those Coast Guard and other choppers flying rescue missions along the Gulf coast? They're not just doing things willy-nilly.

From today's CG operational brief:
A Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater C-130 “Hercules” Long Range Surveillance Aircraft assisted in the rescue of more than 500 people yesterday saving more than 10 lives while providing support to New Orleans communities affected by Hurricane Katrina. Air Station Clearwater launched the HC-130 which arrived in New Orleans and acted as the on-scene coordinator for search and rescue missions in the area.

Coast Guard Dolphin
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The Coast Guard HC-130 was responsible for harmonizing efforts of 23 military aircraft, scheduling refueling, logging the positions of survivors in need of rescue, prioritizing recoveries and tasking rescue aircraft. The HC-130 crew also ensured safe transit of all aircraft to and from the predetermined drop point dubbed “cloverleaf” where survivors were transferred for medical attention.

As of the morning of 1 September, Coast Guard helicopters have rescued over 1,700 people from rooftops in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
It's like a big, choreographed dance. Pictured here are two different Coast Guard birds: a Jayhawk in the right pic and a Dolphin in the left.

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