Monday, October 17, 2005

Anyone want a job at the United Nations?

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Ever thought about getting a really fine job as a civil servant? How about working for the United Nations? No, not the black helicopter/secret police/consipiracy theorist United Nations, but the benevolent, helpful, peace-seeking United Nations. I hadn't thought about it until this morning when I received an impressive -- at least at first blush -- email from Dr. David Cameron, a Recruitment Officer for the New Entry Professional program at the United Nations.

Damn, it looked good. I could double my salary by going to work for the United Nations.

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Here's the text of the email:
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2005 12:51 AM

Our Mission
The U.S. Committee for the U.N supports the work of the United Nations to improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world by promoting democratic governance, poverty reduction, rural development, crisis prevention and recovery, energy and environmental issues, and reducing the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
It accomplishes these aims by building a broad-based American constituency that educates for international development and by identifying U.S. resources for specific UN projects that support U.S. national interests.

US COMMITTE FOR THE U.N New Entry Professional Program.

The NEW ENTRY PROFESSIONAL (NEP) PROGRAM is the Agency's program for bringing well qualified applicants into the Agency's Foreign Service.
UN-USA's Foreign Service provides successful applicants with a career-long system of rotational assignments in Washington D.C. and overseas.
Promotion is based upon merit with selections being made for promotion at various established points in an employee's career. Unlike the competitive U.S. Civil Service and most private industry, pay is set based upon a person's grade level regardless of duty assignments. Like the U.S. Department of State and other agencies employing Foreign Service personnel, successful applicants are offered a clear path for planning their career from the intake level through the most senior executive positions.


Selection for the NEP program is based upon a highly competitive screening process. Consequently,applicants meeting the basic requirements may not go through the entire screening/interview/selection process. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of academic credentials, related overseas and/or domestic development professional experience, and other relevant factors.

Applications are screened for basic eligibility, such as: education, and experience which demonstrates the applicant's ability to accomplish professional development work.

Following the screening, the successful applicants for each occupational category are invited to come to Washington at their own expense for training although all Expenses made are reimbursed along with salary.


Applicants are selected on the basis of academic credentials, experience and other relevant factors. Successful Applicants are invited to come to Washington for Training Candidates are interviewed on their related knowledge, skills and abilities. Application is open to all interested applicants from any nationality.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a supplemental statement with their application addressing the specific knowledge, skills and abilities listed in the announcement.

Computer Skills: Computer skills is also used as selection criteria.


A. Democracy and Governance Officers Salary:$152,678.00 USD Responsible for development, oversight, management(staff, financial, and technical resources), and evaluation of Mission democracy and governance programs that may include any or all of the following areas: Rule of Law and human rights programs, civil society, media and labor programs to promote democratic pluralism, improved governance, competitive political processes and elections, and strategic planning for political development. Democracy and Governance Officers apply both a technical knowledge of their program area and a variety of management and program evaluation expertise in order to ensure that projects meet the needs of UN-USA's partners and customers in a cost-effective manner.

B. Environment Officers Salary:$162,678.00 USD Responsible for development oversight, management, and evaluation of programs in the following areas: bio-diversity conservation, forestry, wildlife management, water and coastal resources management, environmental education, environmental policy, environmentally sustainable agriculture, community based natural resources management, urban and industrial pollution reduction, urban planning and management (including such areas as housing, water and sanitation), urban and housing finance, energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy applications, clean energy technologies, energy sector planning and global climate change. Environment Officers apply both a technical knowledge of their program area and a variety of management and program evaluation knowledge in order to ensure that projects meet the needs of UN-USA's partners and customers in a cost-effective manner.

C. Financial Management Officers Salary:$152,678.00 USD Direct the accounting and payment operations in UN-USA missions worldwide. In addition, they provide significant levels of advisory services to all levels of the mission and host country governments. This includes administrative, operational and program matters concerning financial, budgetary and resource management and implementation issues.

D. Population/Health/Nutrition Officers Salary:$142,678.00 USD Responsible for development, oversight, management (staff, financial, and technical resources), and evaluation of PHN programs that may include any or all of the following areas: primary health care (including immunizations, acute respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases),maternal/child health (including safe motherhood),population/family planning (reproductive health). HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases (including malaria, TB, antimicrobial resistance, surveillance),nutrition/micronutrients, water and sanitation, environmental health, social marketing, demography, population, health or nutrition policy, operations research in population, health or nutrition, biomedical/clinical research (including vaccines, antimicrobial resistance, malaria, TB, neonatal, contraceptive technology), epidemiology, logistics management, national pharmaceutical management and health economics.
Population/Health/Nutrition Officers apply both a technical knowledge of their program area and a variety of management and program evaluation expertise in order to ensure that projects meet the needs of UN-USA's partners and customers in a cost-effective manner.

E. Program/Project Development Officers Salary:$182,678.00 USD Responsible for strategy development, policy formulation, performance reporting, programming/budgeting of resources, coordinating with other donor assistance and USG agencies, project management, and, public outreach. They are looked upon to ensure that the Mission's operational procedures are designed to elicit teamwork, emphasize shared values, make known programming priorities, and reward innovation. Program/Project development officers must be able to apply leadership and management skills in order to ensure that program activities are designed and implemented to achieve stated objectives, within resource constraints and in a timely manner.

F. Contracting Officers Salary:$132,678.00 USD plan, negotiate, award and administer contracts, grants and other agreements with individuals, firms and institutions to carry out UN-USA financed projects. Duties include providing technical guidance and assistance to UN-USA's overseas and Washington staffs, and host country officials in the negotiation and awarding of contracts, grants and cooperative agreements.

G. Executive Officers Salary:$175,678.00 USD oversee a wide range of administrative and logistical support functions including personnel management, contracting, procurement, property management, motor pool management, travel management, employee/family housing and maintenance management. In addition to having direct responsibility for providing the daily support of the agency's field mission, duties include planning for future personnel and procurement requirements at the assigned duty station.

H. Lawyers Salary:$162,678.00 USDprovide legal counsel to planners and administrators of UN-USA's overseas programs, such as interpretation and counsel on application of U.S. and cooperative country laws and regulations, Agency directives and delegations of authority, bilateral agreements, loan and grant agreements, contracts and other agreements pertaining to country or regional programs. They advise on reconciliation of problems resulting from differences between U.S. and cooperating country laws. They advise mission or regional personnel on the drafting and promotion of legislation and regulations to be proposed for enactment or adoption by the cooperating country government Ministry of Justice and advise regional staff on U.S. support for multicountry programs, treaties and agreements.

I. Education Development Officers Salary:$149,678.00 USD Analyze, advise, and assist with the development of host country education human resources and manpower planning systems. Strategies are designed to improve existing education programs as well as to promote organizational competencies and skills acquisition related to both individual and institutional development. Duties include participation in Agency policy formulation, sector analysis, program and project design, program monitoring, and evaluation of activities in education and human resources.

J. Private Enterprise Officers Salary:$132,678.00 USD Advise and assist host country leaders from both the public and private sectors in furthering the emergence of a market economy in the host country. They assist in the development of the UN-USA mission's economic growth strategy and design, manage and evaluate UN-USA programs that encompass a broad range of activities to support the growth of market economies, including support for: economic policy reform, financial sector reform, the design and implementation of microfinance programs, trade liberalization; effective privatization, small business development, the expansion of indigenous private sector activities and institutions, and the involvement of the U.S. private sector in the development process.

K. Agriculture/Rural Development Officers Salary:$152,678.00 USD Advise senior UN-USA and host government officials on agriculture and rural development projects. They identify problems and propose solutions,participate in project design and development, and manage and evaluate programs. Duties include coordinating the flow of resources for projects, analyzing the effects of proposed policies,legislation, and programs and advising on interdisciplinary rural development programs.

L. Food for Peace Officers Salary:$122,678.00 USD Assist in the planning, analysis, negotiation and implementation of UN-USA food and emergency projects/programs. They are responsible for programming and monitoring all uses of UN-USA supplied food. They provide assistance to host government authorities and to Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on technical and financial aspects of project/program design, accountability, monitoring and reporting. Duties include ensuring that proposed projects/programs meet UN-USA criteria and are properly documented.

M. Program Economists Salary:$178,678.00 USD serve as advisors to missions on all economic factors related to all mission programs and as advisors to the cooperating government on all aspects of economic development analysis and planning. They conduct analyses of both the macroeconomic conditions of host countries and the microeconomic feasibility of individual projects. The main purpose of these studies and analyses is to provide a basis for sound decisions for U.S. assistance within the framework of U.S. objective and cooperating country needs and capabilities and to help determine the economic feasibility and justification of specific projects within the overall country, mission or regional development strategy. New Entrants at both levels are evaluated yearly by their supervisor. These evaluations are then reviewed by Selection Boards which rank all Foreign Service Officers by class and functional group for promotion based upon relative performance standing.


New Entrants employed with UN-USA may retire voluntarily after 20 Years of service. Retirement is mandatory at age 65. The maximum period of Creditable service is 35 years.


Send your resume/CV to: OR

Dr. David Cameron.
Recruitment Officer
U.S. Committee for UN
Two UN Plaza, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10017
FAX -1-206-984-9418
Hmmm, thought I, interesting.

But something didn't ring quite true, so I clicked on over to Google... No such United Nations program, so such way of hiring people, no such recruitment officer: a phishing scam, say I.

What say you?


  1. That doesn't look legit. What government aganecy has a or e-mail address? They all have .gov or .mil addresses. Dead give away righ there...

  2. Here's the real UN vacancy website:

  3. Got the same mail, did the same search on net with the FAX number, which is actually of the Public relations Officer of USAID, and got to your blog.
    Thanks for blowing the whistle, mate!

    Prashant Mishra,


    My Blog:

  4. And I, a humble bartender in the Pacific Northwest had so hoped this was a legit job offer. Oh well, maybe I'll win the lottery instead.

    Seriously, does anyone out there know what this is all about?

  5. Oh, one other thing, isn't the 206 area code Seattle not New York???

  6. We're all being scammed.

    Remindes me of a few years ago when a colleague of mine heard about a new enterprise involving hundreds of blimps. They were looking for pilots and support people and a whole host of other folks. Same thing: lots of opportunity and huge paychecks...

    And all a scam...

  7. ha... ha... got me too! Thanks for blowing it!!!

    The email address I got was,

    NOW, has anyone tried sending something and looked into what this is?


  8. Sounds like the scam get smarter than sending out some email with domain. The reply email I get is

    .st looks curious enough. It is really the top level domain of Sao Tome and Principe, an African island nation. Tracking this one more step, the email routes to Here is what the said about themselves (

    Based in sunny northern California,, Inc. is the premier free URL and Email redirection service.
    Rather than a long and complicated URL like - you can have a nice and simple one like The same will be true with your email: rather than

    Email redirection to exotic domain? That's just what a scammer need.

  9. Great work you guys. Since these postings, a lot more information has come to light. The fax area code 206 is for a free anonymous fax2email service based in Seattle. See:

    The the email redirecting is typical with these type of scam. Most of these have been traced to Nigeria.

    Ulimit and Smartdot are just two of these email redirected providers. They also use others.

    For more information on this and other fraudulent U.N. job/recruitment offers, check out the Forum section of Fraudwatchers:

  10. Hi everyone!
    Loved the blogg, speccialy for putting my feet on the ground. I've recieved this same email last week - imagine how long is running through the net!!
    Did a google research, read you blogg... Oh well, seems I'm not going to be a very concerned-rich biologist working for a better world after all!
    And... oh yes. This e-mail did reach my unknown, distante, far away country: Portugal!

  11. lmao. Here I was ready to quit my job and PAY for the opportunity to get trained (and maybe reimbursed) when I thought to myself "Self, for them paying such great salaries to all these other folks, why the hell do they pay lawyers so crappily?"

    I'm not a lawyer, but I make them. It's cute to read all the little lines that tripped us up on the way to the bank.

    Got your blog also when I hit this up in a search...