Thursday, October 13, 2005

Coast Guard shore infrastructure left... to fall apart?

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Recently, I posted about the sad state of affairs of the Coast Guard's shore infrastructure... Earlier this morning I was speaking with a very senior CG civil engineer. He mentioned that the CG's archetectural & engineering unit has been capturing business from other agencies -- such as the Secret Service -- and has been keeping busy (several years ago there was some question about that since the money allocated to "Acquisition, Construction, and Improvements" of shore facilitites had been slashed to zero -- yes, you read that right, zero -- as all the CG's AC&I dollars are slotted for Deepwater; we'll have cutters, but no pier for the cutter to moor). All that's going to change as we recover from Katrina and Rita.

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"How are we going to do that?" I asked.

The Captain is wise. "The Supplemental," he said. "It's going to cost around $80 million just for the move of the ISC."

"Hmm," thought I. "That's odd. We were going move from there anyway when the Army Corps of Engineers turned the ISC's grounds into a turning basin for the canal. But we didn't know where the money was going to come from."

I decided to speak aloud. "So we benefited from the hurricanes."

At least in terms of recapping our shore infrastructure along the Gulf Coast.

Now we just need a big hurricane to hit New England so we can recap the stuff we need and divest of everything else.

Hmmm... Maybe if we were properly funded for what is expected of us, we wouldn't have to hope for natural disasters in order to recap our infrastructure.


  1. Perhaps if we were able to successfully recap because of natural disasters during a fiscal year, we would then be required to add the prediction of future events into our budget model as part of AC&I.

  2. Well...isn't that special...

    don't count your chickens until they hatch.

    On the West Coast, the CG was going to move ISC Seattle from Piers 36/37 up to Piers 90/91, because the Port of Seattle wanted the space to expand cargo terminals.

    At a meeting with the Port, after several months of meetings, the Port pretty firmly stated that the CG would have to pony up the $$ (~ $145M) to fund the move - all along the CG was thinking the port was gonna pay or go after the $$ through Congress.

    With the latest appropriations/authorization act saying the Healy shall move to Anchorage, AK (subject to appropriations), I'd bet that the Healy moves before any ISC does.