Monday, October 03, 2005

Heroes on the Commandant's Reading List

I'm attempting to create an Amazon Listmania of the Commandant's Reading List. So, I'm slugging through the lists -- there are actually several -- and I came upon A Code to Keep by Ernest C. Brace. You have got to check this out: a Marine who was working as a civilian pilot in Laos and captured in 1965 & held for more than 8 years & during this time he held himself accountable to the Military Code of Conduct.

Truely an American hero... I want to learn more about him & his circumstances and how he came to be flying for the CIA... I think there is a story about being human here (one post on the web makes reference to his discharge from the Corps after ten years of service). In another place I found there'd been two bills (here and here) before Congress to count his time as a POW as time in the US Armed Forces, but I don't think the bill was ever taken to the floor.

More to follow.

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