Saturday, October 01, 2005

Okay, and then there are some points of view...

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... I just don't understand.

Here's something from the news today:
"Oct. 1 is a tragic day because it's the first day a law goes into effect that states a legislative belief that children don't need both a mom and a dad," said Peter Wolfgang, the director of public policy for the Family Institute of Connecticut.
Hmmm... does this mean that Mr. Wolfgang doesn't think single people should adopt children? Or that single women who are pregnant ought not to bring their child to term (or maybe that they should place their child for adoption... with heterosexual couples who are married... none others).

Yeh, I guess I am socially permissive... But come on, let's just move on and acknowledge that families come in different shapes and forms: there's no set standard for "family."

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