Friday, October 28, 2005

The President heads back north

Well, the President has headed north. Scuttle is that being in the audience and stage was "cool" and "interesting." (The Marine/Soldier/Coastie wore his ODU's.) Mainstream media are saying a bit more.
At a turbulent point in his presidency, President Bush sought to bolster public backing for his war policies today, just days after the U.S. death toll in Iraq surpassed 2,000.

"We will never back down, we will never give in and we will never accept anything less than complete victory," the president said.
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Delivering remarks nearly identical to those he gave earlier this week, the president spoke in a largely friendly environment — a community with an enormous military presence in a state he won comfortably over Democrat John Kerry last fall during a re-election race dominated by national security.

"Thanks for the chance to get out of Washington," Bush told his audience, made up heavily of uniformed service members.
Here's the remarks from earlier this week.

Here's an interesting bit at the tail end of the AP article:
Bush was speaking in Virginia just days before voters elect a new governor. However, Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore, who served as chairman of Bush's re-election campaign in the state last year, did not plan to appear with the president.

Kilgore denied that he was one of a growing number of GOP candidates across the country who are distancing themselves from the president and the war. He has said he simply wasn't invited.
Hmm, really? Well, Kilgore shouldn't feel too bad; I wasn't invited, either.

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