Friday, October 21, 2005

Somethings are, perhaps, best left off the net

Kyle and Rich
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I was blundering about Flickr and came upon this picture. And it got me wondering, "Are there not some things that are best left off the net?"

I'm thinking these stoners, er, ah, young men, are, er, attempting to keep dry?

Some other things are left best un-netted also... like premature terror warnings.

Remember the recent New York subway scare?
Two e-mails leaked word of the now-discredited subway terror plot, with one note going out three days before city officials informed the public, authorities acknowledged Thursday.
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The warnings, which cautioned against using the subway, were sent to a number of New Yorkers by someone claiming to have close ties to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies.
Seems the two leaks were Coasties: one a retired Coastie and the other a current Coastie.

They evidently saw a bulletin about the intel. We get them all the time, either in message traffic on the high side or, even, sometimes in regular email. They always note the info isn't for release.

Hell, if you reacted to each and every one, you'd never go outside, never eat, never drink, and you'd have your home flushed with purified air.

Anyway, two Coasties provided one ah, shit to a wealth of attaboys from Katrina and Rita.

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