Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Coast Guard goes flash

Check this out. The Coast Guard has created a flash movie depicting helicopter movements during Hurricane Katrina response.

From Advanced Web Site Publishing:
This newly developed “flash movie,” accessible from the US Coast Guard Website, incorporates pages of Hurricane Katrina path charting, time lines, and the movement of multiple Coast Guard helicopters dispatched from stations across the United States during the disaster in an interactive overview – complete with pause and replay features.

The movie, which depicts the movement of H-60’s and H-65’ helicopters from August 28 to September 3, 2005, was uniquely designed by the Advanced Web Site Publishing design team to aid Coast Guard officials in more accurately assessing performance during the recent disaster and address areas of vulnerability that would otherwise be difficult to identify.

Coast Guard officials say they are “very pleased with the results and realistic depiction of the coast guard helicopters dispatched during Hurricane Katrina ” and believe the program serves as a valuable tool that will aide in future emergency response planning.
Valuable too? Yeh, it will look cool to Congress as they examine the federal government's preparation and response to Katrina.

Now, where are the boats and people?

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