Monday, November 21, 2005

Random Monday morning thoughts

Here are some things I'd like to see.

The President's daughters joining some branch of the Armed Forces. I'd like to see them in the Corps, but any of the five would suffice for me. Hell, I'd even accept the Texas National Guard.

Vice President Cheney & Secretary Rumsfeld spending several hours in the dark between midnight and the break of dawn waterboarding.

The President, Vice President, and Secretary of Defense admitting they "set the conditions" for current conduct by American military men and women and by those who serve in the Company.

The President putting action behind his words that "we do not torture" by signing a bill which sets the standards for the treatment of all detainees and prisoners held by any American force, military or other.

The centrists of both political parties, including Senators Warner, McCain, and Graham, getting control of both the House and the Senate making collaboration, rather than divisiveness, a key process for our lawmakers.

Our government comes clean on secret detention facilities and allows the Red Cross and the United Nations access to all prisoners and detainees, no matter where their location.

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