Thursday, December 08, 2005

Booth isn't a dropout

I was wrong... Turns out the girl who can't tell the difference between cheese and cocaine isn't a dropout... at least according to her brother.
Booth walked into the court room wearing an orange prisoner jump suit too big for her small frame. Police said the teen tried to hire a hit man to rob and then kill four men who she thought were drug dealers.... Booth's brother and mother were in the court room. At one point, her mother wiped away tears as she looked at her daughter in custody. John Booth said his family is confused and hurt right now. He says Jessica graduated from Barrington High School this year and her goal was to become a model. Police say booth told the hit man she needed $7,900 to pay a modeling agency. Police said an audio recording of the conversation between booth and the undercover officer has booth saying any children old enough to testify would have to be killed as well.

I'm sure she'll be able to launch her modeling career from jail.

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