Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm one of the People of the Year!

Well, sort'a...

ABC News has named the people of the U.S. Coast Guard the "People of the Year" for 2005.
Many Americans were unaware of who they were or what they did until this year. But when Hurricane Katrina hit and the waters began to rise, U.S. Coast Guard members moved in by air and by sea, risking their lives to save thousands of others.

"When we flew into the storm the winds were still pretty high," said Petty Officer Joel Sayers, a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. "You're always expecting to see one or two people here or there that you could actually hoist and move out of harm's way, but it was true devastation. The water was already up over the roofs of some houses, and it was still rising. There were people everywhere, holding on to trees, people on top of their homes, people trying to climb on top of their homes."
Meanwhile, I look forward to 2006 and the good fortune headed to all of us.

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