Thursday, December 22, 2005

Just which Peter Stinson am I?

Peter's PJ Party: Day 3
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First, day 3 of what my colleagues are calling "Peter's PJ Party."
We are in day three of Peter's PJ party. Today he breaks out the Pillsbury Doughboy PJs....Shock and Awe...especially when we go to breakfast and ... well as you can see from the picture although Peter is still on vacation, he is doing work. here's the proof.

Anyway the OPC Measurement team wishes all a Merry Christmas and reminds everyone the whose been naughty and whose been nice will be much easier once we have this system in place

A visitor asked yesterday if I was the same Peter Stinson who bankrupted the Bank of Fiji. Nope. Nor am I the fire chief in Lacrosse, WI. Nor am I the owner of a funeral home. Nor am I a Canadian film-maker or a Belgian writer & translator. Nor am I a little figurine who looks like an English pub's barkeep.

I am the Peter Stinson who is a civilian employee of the Coast Guard, who is a 25-year member of the Coast Guard Reserve, who is interested in meteors & how they relate to maritime SAR cases which start as flare sightings, who blogs quite a bit, who writes a line or two of poetry every once in a while, who believes in social justice, who went to Trinity College, who taught at Wyoming Seminary, and who hopes to return to the independent school life next August.

See this Google search and see if you can pick which ones are really me.

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  1. Ha, ha, ha.
    This is the filmmaker in Canada...
    How nice to be mentioned on my doppelganger's blog...and those other characters with the same name sound like good people. But there are eerie similarities: I was once a gravedigger in Winnipeg and also served in Canada's militia (army reserve) here in Calgary. And my good friend's ex-wife's in-laws are based in Virginia!
    Holey moley!
    And thank google for hours of entertainment...
    peter s, Calgary