Friday, December 09, 2005

Looking for a new job: Moving on

We've had great discussions in the Stinson home over the last couple of weeks about what next year will bring. We've reached a far reaching decision: We're moving on. I am going to return to the faculty of an independent school; Andrew is going to attend an independent school starting next year. And Jenny is going to start working, in earnest, on her degree.

Similar discussions have been going on in the DeLoach home across town. Dianne and Dean are ready to pull chalks also; they're both ready to leave teaching her in Portsmouth and ply their trade elsewhere.

So, we need to coordinate a move that gives all of us what we need.
  • Peter: faculty or administrative position at an independent, secondary, boarding school.

  • Jenny: a college within a reasonable commuting distance of the boarding school.

  • Dianne & Dean: teaching or administrative positions in a public or private school at the elementary level within a reasonable commuting distance of the boarding school.

  • Andrew: an independent school that provides structure & support and will allow him to grow to manhood.

  • Richard: parents who continue to live fairly close together so they can co-parent.
I'd prefer a small school that is primarilly boarding; must be co-ed or all-boys. And, I want a school that knows its mission and vision and works to live up to both... and I can support the mission and vision with all my heart and mind and fiber.

Anyone have any ideas?

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