Friday, February 17, 2006

Abu Ghraib, Cartoons, and who-knows-what-else

I don't know. I'm thinking the news doesn't look too good right now.

In case you haven't heard, looks like all the pictures from Abu Ghraib have now found their way into public view. I noticed this first at Andrew Sullivan's blog and then found my way to Salon for the full story.
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Salon has obtained files and other electronic documents from an internal Army investigation into the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal. The material, which includes more than 1,000 photographs, videos and supporting documents from the Army's probe, may represent all of the photographic and video evidence that pertains to that investigation.

The files, from the Army's Criminal Investigation Command (CID), include hundreds of images that have never been publicly released. Along with the unpublished material, the material obtained by Salon also appears to include all of the famous photographs published after the Abu Ghraib scandal broke in April 2004, as well as the photographs and videos published Wednesday by the Australian television news show "Dateline."

The source who gave the CID material to Salon is someone who spent time at Abu Ghraib as a uniformed member of the military and is familiar with the CID investigation.
That's transparency, but I can only suspect he's going to get more than his wee-wee whacked...
The DVD containing the material includes a June 6, 2004, CID investigation report written by Special Agent James E. Seigmund. That report includes the following summary of the material included: "A review of all the computer media submitted to this office revealed a total of 1,325 images of suspected detainee abuse, 93 video files of suspected detainee abuse, 660 images of adult pornography, 546 images of suspected dead Iraqi detainees, 29 images of soldiers in simulated sexual acts, 20 images of a soldier with a Swastika drawn between his eyes, 37 images of Military Working dogs being used in abuse of detainees and 125 images of questionable acts."
For a look at some of the new pics, they're posted online here.

As you know, I'm a little slow. The President did say we don't torture, right? So, we have these pics... and now words from folks who were there who indicate what went on was organized and endorsed? Read this interview and this one, too.

More to follow, I'm sure.

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