Thursday, February 16, 2006

Accidents happen; Transparency (apparently) doesn't

With Mr. Cheney's recent interview out in the open, I think most questions have been answered. Where as there were two issues, I think there's really only one.

The Vice President admitted he pulled the trigger & he's responsible. All joking aside, it was a tragic accident. I think we'd all admit that. And, as we all know, sh*t happens. Let's put this part of the weekend's activities to bed, hoping that Mr. Whittington pulls through and is back to his old, hunting self in a week or two.

The larger issue, at least as I see it, still stands. And that, my friends, is the issue of transparency. I've harped on this before, and I'll harp on it again. Government -- and I include the President and other senior officials, 24x7 -- must act with complete transparency. That means timely. That means complete. That means not holding back.

I think it's fair to question the Vice President's decision to withhold news of the accident. I think it's fair to ask if this is representative of behavior from the the White House. I think it's fair to ask if this is a "wag the dog" (and, if it is, I'm wondering what we're not supposed to see).

So, now I'm moving on. Maybe.


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