Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Acting like a pirate... enthusiastically

Some of you may remember that I injured myself nearly a year ago.... while participating in a training session... about facilitating dysfunctional groups. Who knew consulting could be such a rough and tumble business?

Anyway, I finally found my way to an orthopedic surgeon today, Dr. Perez Luciano, a shoulder specialist (at least, that's what I've been led to believe). His diagnosis: rotator cuff injury.

No shit! Really?

His treatment: cortisone. A big-ass needle with a syringe full of cortisone and novacaine.

Hmm, but without physical therapy?
Physical therapy is the most important step in the treatment of a rotator cuff injury. Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles is important to maintain normal shoulder function. A few meetings with a physical therapist can help teach you exercises to help alleviate and prevent a recurrence of your shoulder pain.
Guess I'll have to go find a physical therapist on my own. Perhaps in the phone book under entertainment?

In the meantime, I ought to just dress-up like a pirate (as in the picture of Jen, Alex, David... whoever they are) rather than being so enthusiastic to say "Argh."

Oh, and Dr. Luciano found no humor in how I sustained the injury... it is funny, isn't it?

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