Friday, February 17, 2006

CG Scuttle: The next senior leadership team

Rumors abound, and look like this:

VADM Allen's confirmation by the Senate has been held up by a White House distracted by other events.

VADM Allen has plans for structure changes at HQ and in the field. G-CCS to be downgraded to one/two star position and, effectively, be the chief of staff over the HQ staff, not the Service. G-X to be upgraded to three star position and to be operational oversight over all response & prevention. Delayering of the field (area/district level) planned for implementation with the 2007 assignment season. (Note, an educated guess -- and it is only a guess -- says that if G-X is upgraded to be operational oversight, then the areas will be "delayered," effectively making G-X the equivalent of a super-area, or, in the DOD terms, a combatant commander.)

Ten current flag officers have tendered resignations, which have been accepted, and will be moving on to civilian life.

VADM Allen has made the flag assignments, but cannot release the information until he is confirmed by the Senate. It's all done, just waiting for the word to hit "send."

How's that for some scuttle?

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