Sunday, February 12, 2006

Even the Coast Guard now criticized about Katrina

Well, the feel-good aura surrounding the Coast Guard's response to Katrina is starting to disapate. From today's Washington Post, news of a leaked congressional investigation:
Hurricane Katrina exposed the U.S. government's failure to learn the lessons of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, as leaders from President Bush down disregarded ample warnings of the threat to New Orleans and did not execute emergency plans or share information that would have saved lives, according to a blistering report by House investigators.

A draft of the report, to be released publicly Wednesday, includes 90 findings of failures at all levels of government, according to a senior investigation staffer who requested anonymity because the document is not final. Titled "A Failure of Initiative," it is one of three separate reviews by the House, Senate and White House that will in coming weeks dissect the response to the nation's costliest natural disaster.
Don't think the golden agency didn't escape notice.
On the ground, Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael D. Brown, who has since resigned, FEMA field commanders and the U.S. military's commanding general set up rival chains of command. The Coast Guard, which alone rescued nearly half of 75,000 people stranded in New Orleans, flew nine helicopters and two airplanes over the city that first day, but eyewitness reconnaissance did not reach official Washington before midnight.
Not surprising, actually; word getting up the chain of command is like the old game of "telephone." As well as the Coast Guard did, we could have done better.

I think I've said that before... a number of times...

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