Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Free speech is for idiots, too.

Have you been following the case of Historian David Irving? Yesterday he was sentenced to jail... for claiming the Holocaust never happened. That's right; he's an idiot, and he's getting shipped off to prison. For speech. Not speech that incited riots. Not speech that indicated planning to kill people. Just idiotic speech. From Reuters:
Historian David Irving, jailed by an Austrian court for denying the Holocaust, refused on Wednesday to apologise for offending victims of the Nazi death camps and said he would not be silenced.

Irving, 67, told Sky Television he believed historians should be allowed to question official versions of history and said freedom of speech was the "right to be wrong".

"I come from a free country and I'm not going to let anybody silence me," he said.

Irving was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday for denying the murder of 6 million Jews. Austria's state prosecutor filed an appeal on Tuesday to lengthen the sentence.
What! Look, the guy's an idiot, but free speech is free speech.

Question: would it be okay to publish those cartoons in an Austrian paper, but not okay to claim the Holocaust is a figment of 6 million dead Jews?

Let the guy talk; we'll ignore him.

Or, we'll rev up our hogs. Afterall, the best response to hateful speech is more speech. Rev up the hogs, plug in the band, and join hands & voices. We'll drown out the idiots. But, please, don't jail them for speech.

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