Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The President's budget blasts education

Wasn't it W who said he was the "Education President"? Or perhaps I'm getting him mixed up with his predecessor or his father? From the New York Times:
Although President Bush called in the State of the Union address for a major new commitment to improving math and science instruction, his budget for the coming year would cut the Education Department's discretionary budget to $54.41 billion from $55.92 billion in the current fiscal year.

The loss would follow more than $624 million in cuts to the department's budget last year. And of 141 programs across government that the administration is proposing to eliminate, 42 are in the Education Department, the largest concentration of programs that would disappear of any agency. Among them are vocational education and several programs totaling nearly $1 billion to improve the college prospects of disadvantaged students.
Here's a chart outlining impacts to higher education. Hope you're not expecting a Perkins Loan...

Well, let's see You get what you measure and Action shows truth.

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  1. I've always wondered why we even have a federal Department of Education. Education is a responsibility of the States and their subdivisions.

    When you have a federal department that is supposed to support local functions, you lose money. That money comes from us to the federal government. It then filters down to the State and then to the local government. At each level, money is siphoned off to pay for the bureaucracy.