Monday, February 13, 2006

Was the hunting "accident" a "wag the dog" stunt?

Do you remember the movie "Wag the Dog"? Well, something tells me this whole the VP accidently shot an attorney while out hunting for quail is a distraction from something... what is it the administration wants us not to see?

Why do I think this? Well, you've read my earlier posting about the Brady news release. Now, here's one from the Humane Society:
Vice President Cheney just seems to keep topping himself on the hunting front. First, he showed terrible judgment by hunting ducks with Justice Antonin Scalia when his office had business before the Supreme Court. Then, he went on an exclusive private shooting spree in Pennsylvania and shot dozens, perhaps hundreds, of stocked pheasants at a drive-thru canned hunting operation -- where the pen-raised birds were treated as nothing more than living targets. Now, he's shot a hunting companion in his latest hunting venture. We don't quite understand his obsession with shooting animals, and we'd advise him to pursue a less violent form of relaxation and get on with the important business of leading the country.
This release is on the up-and-up and is posted on the Society's website.

See what the blogosphere is saying about the incident; there's some funny stuff.

And, I'm not alone in suspecting a wag the dog diversion. Perhaps it's time to keep our eyes on the ball?

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