Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blogs vs. MSM (Main Stream Media

When I posted the below, I'd checked and couldn't find anything online about the real reason for the hold-up on Admiral Allen's confirmation. At dinner, I'd heard the news broke on CNN, but I haven't seen it yet. My most-recent search of the web shows the earliest post was from Mike Ahlers from CNN, posted at 6:37PM.
Officials tell CNN that Ensign sent Allen a lengthy questionaire, most of which concerned the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but also expressing concern about the Coast Guard's policy concerning the evacuation of pets during Hurricane Katrina.
Looks like my post beat CNN by half an hour.


  1. Er...Peter, I am probably just confused but it looks like the CNN piece was from your link was posted on the 20th at 6:37 not the 21st????

  2. Well, sh****t, I think you're right. Looks like I followed Main Stream Media by 23 hours and 29 minutes. Hell, now I don't feel so good...

    And, here I thought I had scoop... I guess this "reporting" stuff is more difficult than it looks.