Thursday, March 30, 2006

One of My Alma Mater: Actually produces a truly successful athletic team

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Were you surprised when George Mason made it to the Sweet 16? Hell, I was surprised they were even invited to play in the first round...

We all know they're different... they're short... they don't have any superstars... what they have is synergy and a solid coach... a coach who believes in sportsmanship over winning... Check this out:
When Tony Skinn, the team’s second-leading scorer, punched an opponent in the groin during the CAA tournament, Larranaga made the tough call to suspend him for a game — knowing it might be the first game of the NCAA tournament.
That's right: a Division I coach benching a player for unsportsmanlike conduct.

That, dear readers, is what college sports is truly all about.

May they go all the way.

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  1. Well, Peter there are a few Division 1 coaches that see it that way including Roy Williams of Carolina, and (Even though it pains me to say it) Coach K from Duke, although he is a bit whiny.

    Any way what a tournament run for GM...I will be pulling for them in about an hour or so...Here's hoping they take it all. but if they don't what a heart warming run...