Monday, March 27, 2006

Truth, Consequences, or Grand-Standing?

I almost drove off the road this afternoon when I heard that Zacarias Moussaoui had taken the stand at the federal courthouse in Alexandria in his own defense. I was doubly taken aback when I heard about his testimony.

As reported by Deborah Charles of Reuters:
Zacarias Moussaoui said on Monday he was supposed to fly a fifth airplane into the White House as part of the September 11 plot and knew two other planes were to fly into New York's World Trade Center.

Taking the stand at his sentencing trial, Moussaoui -- the only person charged in the United States in connection with the September 11 attacks -- said "shoebomber" Richard Reid was to join him as part of the crew in the suicide mission.

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Does anyone else find his testimony a bit odd, a bit out-of-character for what we've come to see about Moussaoui and his frequent insane outbursts in the courtroom?

My gut tells me he was likely up to no good, but I find it odd that he now tells us he was a part of the 9/11 plot... and the only other person he can name is the shoebomber, the hapless Richard Reid. I'm more convinced that Moussaoui is a wanna be, a guy who wants to hang with the great martyrs in the sky, who wants his fair shake at 99 virgins.

How, er, convenient that he would be one of the two remaining hijackers; and that the other is Reid. How convenient that it all falls into place -- beyond even what the prosecution believes, mind you -- and that Moussaoui can now be martyred with his 9/11 brethren.

He's just a wanna-be, a two-bit player in the minor leagues, who wants us to believe he's a major league player who happened to get napped for immigration violations and couldn't play in the superbowl of terror attacks. And that he's been smart enough to keep quiet all these years, only to reveal the truth at the eleventh hour.
Moussaoui's claim contradicted what he said last year in pleading guilty: that he was not supposed to be part of the September 11 hijackings but was meant to be in a second wave of al Qaeda attacks and fly an airplane into the White House.

Moussaoui said he did not know the precise date of the planned attacks when he was arrested in Minnesota on August 16, 2001, and had only scant details of the overall plan.

"I had knowledge that the two towers would be hit but I didn't have the detail," said Moussaoui, dressed in a green prisoner jumpsuit and white cap.

Asked by Gerald Zerkin, one of his attorneys, if he was meant to be part of the September 11 attacks, Moussaoui said: "Yes, I was supposed to pilot a plane to hit the White House."

But shortly after Moussaoui testified, comments by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed -- the operational mastermind of the September 11 hijackings -- contradicted the claim.

Mohammed, who is being detained by the United States and is testifying through written statements approved by the defense and the prosecution, said Moussaoui was meant to be part of a second wave of attacks -- not the September 11 hijackings.
Moussaoui wants the world to think he's more than he is; we wants the world to think he's a crack member of the A-Team.

He's nothing more than a lying sack of s**t who has twisted his life's tale and Islam for evil purposes.

We ought not to put him to death. Death will only martyr him. We ought to lock him in a cell and throw away the key; let him rot in oblivion and die decades from now unremembered and forgotten, a relic from a bygone era.

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