Thursday, April 27, 2006

Freedom of speech; freedom of stupidity

I'm a fan of the freedom of speech... however...

I noticed that The Flamigo, who posts at The World As I See It had gotten a chuckle about America getting fat, so I surfed over to read his blog. I found a great post, which I'm going to repost here:
You may get the feeling that you aren't living in the same America that the first settlers arrived in, and you would be right. Today's America is undoubtedly more tolerant, less violent, and more accepting, and according to Pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, nothing could be worse. Over on their website, at, the group urges people to renew their prejudices, and stop incurring God's wrath.

Now with a message like this, you may think that the church has a large following, but you would be wrong. Of its less than 100 members, all but one family or so are related by blood to Phelps. For you out there who say that this must mean there has been some sort of incestuous relationships, you would be right on target. Their website states that they are against violence and killing of any kind, including abortion, and they insist that all countries make homosexuality a capital crime and impose the death penalty. Now this may seem to be inherently contradictory, but one can't rely on facts when they have gays to discriminate against.

Phelps cites the sick perversions of every homosexual relationship, placing an entire group of people into one category. After all, if we can't trust vicious, ignorant stereotypes, how will we know anything about different kinds of people. But Fred Phelps is confident in his faith, and although he is still losing his 74 year old game of "smear the queer", he remains confident. He inspires his congregation every week with the words: "America is doomed."
In addition to free speech, I'm a great supporter or irony and sarcasm. I like my humor dry.

And then, I forced myself to surf over to Phelps' site. Why? I don't know; morbid curiosity, perhaps.

And you see what I found.

And my stomach turned.

And I wondered if I really do want to support free speech, afterall.

You may remember that Phelps is the guy who pissed off folks enough that the motorcycle riders have taken to protecting the families of service members who have died in Iraq and Afganastan. I wrote about them in February. The Patriot Guard Riders.

Well, after surfing lightly through Phelps' website, I'm (a) wondering if the Riders would accept a guy in a beat-up Kia, and (b) thinking perhaps it's time to get a Harley, and (c) wondering if there's anyway to get Phelps to serve Jim Jones kool aid following some morning service at his supposed church, Westboro Baptist Church.

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