Thursday, April 27, 2006

An observation about diversity in the Coast Guard

Just an observation about racial diversity in the Coast Guard... a Commanding Officer & Prospective Commanding Officer conference joined by Silver Badge chiefs; so, fairly senior folks... 57 members present... 88% white male; 7% white female... 2 black men; 1 black woman (who was actually not a military member, but a civilian who is the flag's civil rights officer)...

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  1. As the wife of an active duty Coastie, I was a little upset about your insinuations about racial diversity in the Coast Guard. You need to keep a couple things in mind when talking about the Coast Guard's diversity:
    1. The Coast does not hire people, like every other branch of the service you have to volunteer. They have no control over who comes in to sign up. If minorities aren't interested in the Coast Guard as a career then that's their decision.
    2. The Coast Guards recruiting budget is bascially non-existant. How many Coast Guard commercials do you see compared to Navy, Army, and Marines. Their media exposure is defienct to say the least.
    3. When you join the Coast Guard there is no list of exotic forgein locations to choose from. Most people join the military to get an education and see the world. You have little to no chance of that with the Coast Guard. You may be sent to Cuba or Guam. Most people think about the rescue helicopters when they think Coast Guard. Probably 90% of Coasties never even ride in one of those. It is a world of unexciting river tenders, patrol boats, and high endurance cutters. You will either be stationed on a boat or a small boat station. Not alot to offer compared to the other braches of the service.

    This may make it sound as if the Coast Guard is bad. It is just not for everyone. It takes a person who loves the water and My husband loves it. He grew up on the water and is happpiest when he is out on the water.

    So it just stands to reason that if most of the officers and enlisted are white males then the "senior folks" will be white males too. By the way my husband is a black male. He made First Class Petty Officer last year.