Monday, April 24, 2006

An observation of the obvious

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If you've every watched the Coasties swarm out of the Portsmouth Federal Building every two hours, you'd know what the "parking problem" in Portsmouth is.
This city doesn't need more parking spaces.

What it does need is more enforcement to make sure drivers aren't leaving their cars on downtown streets for hours or days at a time without penalty.

That's the main finding of a study released this week to city officials, who have worried that Portsmouth's downtown revitalization has brought with it parking troubles for local businesses.

Consultants, however, say the bigger problem might be that Portsmouth's parking enforcement is spotty, because the civilian security officers, who work under the Police Department, have a host of other jobs that take them out of downtown.

"They're not consistent enough," said Mark Fleming, the owner of a gym on High Street, the city's main downtown thoroughfare. "You'll go a week without seeing them, and people take advantage of that."

Fleming said he regularly sees employees of downtown businesses, local residents and others parking for much longer than the posted two hours downtown.
Oh, I'm so surprised.

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