Monday, April 24, 2006

Perhaps there's a lesson in this?

American Gothic
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Perhaps at 17 a writer is just too young to complete a big-time book contract?

From the Harvard Crimson:
A recently-published novel by Harvard undergraduate Kaavya Viswanathan ’08, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life, contains several passages that are strikingly similar to two books by Megan F. McCafferty—the 2001 novel Sloppy Firsts and the 2003 novel Second Helpings.

At one point, Opal Mehta contains a 14-word passage that appears verbatim in McCafferty’s book Sloppy Firsts.

In that example, McCafferty writes on page 6 of her first novel: "Sabrina was the brainy Angel. Yet another example of how every girl had to be one or the other: Pretty or smart. Guess which one I got. You’ll see where it’s gotten me."

Viswanathan writes on page 39 of her novel: "Moneypenny was the brainy female character. Yet another example of how every girl had to be one or the other: smart or pretty. I had long resigned myself to category one, and as long as it got me to Harvard, I was happy. Except, it hadn’t gotten me to Harvard. Clearly, it was time to switch to category two."

The italics appear in the originals.
For more comparisons, surf here.

You'd think... ah, never mind. Clearly, Ms. Viswanathan didn't...

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