Monday, April 24, 2006

What difference might port security make?

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Seems the Department wants to move out quicker than Congress.
The Homeland Security Department is planning to issue new regulations to improve cargo and port security beyond what Congress might require through legislation, the department's policy chief said Friday.

Stewart Baker, assistant Homeland Security secretary for policy, said the department generally likes what it sees in legislation moving through Congress to improve cargo and port security but will pursue rulemaking for areas not covered by the bills. "We would like to move out pretty currently," Baker said after a keynote speech during the 2006 Counterterrorism Conference in Washington. "Congress is moving swiftly on legislation; we have an obligation to move out quickly on things that we can do without legislation."
This is all well and good; I'm all in favor of securing our ports and keeping the bad stuff out. But, what if the bad stuff is already here?
[T]op U.S. government officials are contemplating what they consider to be an inevitable and much bigger assault on America [than anything seen yet] – one likely to kill millions, destroy the economy and fundamentally alter the course of history....

According to captured al-Qaida leaders and documents, the plan is called the "American Hiroshima" and involves the multiple detonation of nuclear weapons already smuggled into the U.S. over the Mexican border with the help of the MS-13 street gang and other organized crime groups.
Oh, now that's a pleasant thought.

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