Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sometimes boaters are lucky

Trying out his Whistle
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Here's a story of a recent search here in Hampton Roads that ended positively... even though the 3 people onboard were not wearing their personal flotation devices:
Three boaters who spent the night drifting in the Chesapeake Bay were rescued by the Coast Guard early this morning.

The search for the 19-foot boat began at about 10 p.m. Tuesday, after one of the boaters used a cell phone to contact 911.

A Coast Guard HH-60 search and rescue helicopter from Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., a 41-foot boat from Station Cape Charles, Va., the Hampton Police Department, and a fireboat from the Hampton Fire Department were involved in the search.

The boaters were spotted by the Coast Guard helicopter crew about 5 miles off Back River at about 5:30 this morning, and they were towed into port by the 41-foot Coast Guard boat and the Hampton fireboat.
And what caught my eye:
None of the men were wearing lifejackets when they were found, and the boat was missing key safety gear such as flares and a VHF radio. The Coast Guard urges all boaters to wear lifejackets at all times and to always bring a VHF radio on board. It is illegal not to keep flares on a boat.
Again, not only do you have to have them, you have to use them. Step on a boat, and the first thing you should do is put on your life jacket. Like this young man pictured here. Swimmer or non-swimmer, young or old, smart or slow; it doesn't matter. Wear your personal flotation device.

Please, please, help pass the word. Remind your friends and family, and for goodness sake, be a proper model yourself.

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