Monday, May 15, 2006

They don't work if you don't wear them

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Sad to say, but personal flotation devices -- more commonly known as "life jackets" -- don't work unless you wear them. Another lesson taught along the waters of the Elizabeth River, Despite help from fellow boaters, man dies in Elizabeth River:
Two boaters, heeding a "cry in the dark," came to the aid of a fisherman thrown from his craft late Saturday, but efforts to save the man failed.

The victim, identified as 56-year-old Roy Linwood White of Chesapeake, died.

The incident happened in the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River, said Wilford Kale, a spokesman for the Virginia Marine Resources Commission.

Kale said White and a companion, identified as Michael Eugene Martin, 51, of Chesapeake, were heading east on the river near the Western Freeway Bridge, often called the West Norfolk Bridge.

About 10:55 p.m., the small boat suddenly "lurched" as if it had hit an unseen obstruction in the water, Martin later told the Marine Resources Police.

White, who had been operating the boat, was thrown overboard, and then the vessel stalled, Martin told authorities .

Unable to restart the vessel or handle the controls, Martin could do little more than holler for help, Kale said.
But here's the part that makes me just plain mad:
Kale said neither White nor Martin was wearing a personal flotation device although four were found on the boat.
Come on folks; if you're going to get underway, wear a PFD; there's no excuse, and it could save your life.

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