Friday, May 19, 2006

Wear It: It goes ON YOU not just in the boat

Wear IT - On you
Originally uploaded by usefulguy.
Today, I received a bit of flickr mail:
Hi Peter,

Love the blog, it has been at least a weekly if not daily visit for the last few months.

I just posted some of the Wear It images we use locally when doing PFD education. I like the NSBW graphic but it is general and doesn't cover some of the specific key messages we wanted out there, so we've added to it.

Thanks for the great blog.

Well, Daren, thanks for the kind words. And a much larger thanks for the graphics.

Folks, these are for the taking, I'm sure. Another example of the West Coast leading.

Anyway, my thanks to Daren (you can find him at I implore all of you to do whatever you can do to get folks to WEAR their life jackets. I read today of another death off South Carolina; again, not wearing a PFD. They really don't do much good just in the boat.

Let's get the word out; & be sure to model appropriately, too.

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