Thursday, May 25, 2006

What's ahead. organizationally?

Hmm.... for anyone interested in organizational change, Admiral Allen's personal vision holds a host of clues about the next couple of years.
We will focus our entire organization on improving and sustaining Mission Execution. We will do this by structuring our service as a three-pronged force: shore-based operations, maritime operations, and deployable operations. We’ve taken bold steps forward by creating Sectors for shore-based operations. We’ve taken equally bold steps by advancing the Deepwater acquisition for maritime presence, patrol, and response. And we’ve created truly deployable forces. We must now expand our deployable force capabilities and support them with proper doctrine, logistics, training, and exercises. Across all of our forces, we will partner with other services and agencies to integrate our efforts. To further optimize the mission execution of this three-pronged force, we will assess our command and control structure. We will also reevaluate and realign our Mission Support system, including organizational structures, human resources, maintenance, logistics, financial management and information systems. Each of you, regardless of your pay grade, job or rating, or where you sit in our organization, is critical to mission success. You must have the tools and support you need to do your job. We will ensure Coast Guard men and women are the best trained and most versatile workforce in government, equipped with the most capable fleet of multi-mission ships, aircraft, boats and command and control systems available. We will remain aligned with our Department, sister services, and partner agencies. I have already assigned responsibility for a substantial list of specific initiatives to our Flag and SES corps. Information on these initiatives will follow shortly and I will keep you updated on their progress.
So, perhaps we'll have a Operational Forces Command with three force groupings: shore-based operations, maritime operations, and deployable operations. OPFORCOM would likely be a three-star (as I've suggested before)...

And then we'll have a Support Systems Command with various support-providers beneath it, including all the current HQ-unit level commands, such as the ELC, C2CEN, TISCOM, OSC, etc.

Anyone want to take a guess as to how long it will take to get to this new structure?

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