Monday, June 12, 2006

Another bet

Alcohol is bad mmkay!
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I have another bet, if anyone is interested... first, here's the story:
A male stripper in Bakersfield died in a scuffle outside a bachelorette party where he performed.

He was not the target of a jealous boyfriend or fiancé'.

Witnesses said four men from the corresponding bachelor party, were dropped off at the home. They began to fight and bumped into 24-year-old Eddie Pedrosa's car. That was when Pedrosa and his security guard got involved in the scuffle.

Tragically, Pedrosa was punched and stabbed to death.

He had asked his girlfriend to marry him earlier that day.
I'm gonna suggest the four men from the bachelor party were drunk off their tales... anyone care to take the bet?

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