Friday, September 22, 2006

Airport security: Do you feel safer

Security measures at Airport
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The wire posts news about a gun found in a carryon bag at BWI:
Security screeners discovered a firearm in a carry-on bag at Baltimore's main airport Friday morning and two concourses were closed when its owner could not be found, authorities said.

Officials at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport held onto the carry-on bag but its owner continued through the checkpoint and could not be located, airport spokesman Jonathan Dean said.
Like the guy is going to raise his hand and say, "Yeh, that's my bag and gun."

Great that they found the gun, but I don't feel safer. They can't review the tapes to see who put the back through the x-ray machine? Well, that's okay. Pretty soon we're going to not be able to take any carry-on bags and wear no clothing past the security checkpoints. We'll strip outside the checkpoint and put our clothing in a clear, sealed, plastic bag. We'll carry the bag down to the plane and deposit it outside the door of the aircraft as we board. They'll put the clothing bags in the hold, and we'll pick them up when we depart the plan. We'll be able to put our clothes back on when we get back outside the security checkpoints of the airport.

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  1. You forgot that said items and owner will be branded with a bar-code, so that they can be unequivocally attached to each other.