Friday, September 22, 2006

Crazy man: "Munchausen Syndrome by proxy"

dying for health care
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You hear about this guy who convinced his 9-year-old son -- and everybody else -- he was terminally ill?
Authorities say Michael Bradway, 38, engineered an elaborate scam that convinced dozens of people that his young son had cystic fibrosis.

He also convinced the child, prosecutors said.
"Sick'o" is about all I can say.
Bradway kept the boy thin and fabricated medical bills, fooling his estranged wife and in-laws for years, prosecutors said. He allegedly convinced his in-laws the boy needed a lung transplant and they contributed nearly $40,000 for the operation.
The article claims that there's actually a "a psychological disorder in which parents fake a child's illness or deliberately harm the child to draw attention to themselves."


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