Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mixed Reviews: At least people are talking about it

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Well, THE GUARDIAN seems to be getting mixed reviews. I read these and think that some critics don't like Costner, Kutcher, the Coast Guard, the military, or the water... there's some element of not suspending disbelief...

From Scott Holleran...
Coast Guard Drama Gets the Rescue Ethos Right... Don't miss director Andrew Davis's thrilling The Guardian on the big screen. Built on a solid script by Ron L. Brinkerhoff, Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher—who proves he can act—lead a strong cast in delivering an action movie with force.
Or from
Courtney Ferguson
The Guardian Stays in the Shallow End... Are you ready for some Coast Guard propaganda? You'll be drowning in it by the end of director Andrew Davis' The Guardian. Best described as the Top Gun of Coast Guard movies, The Guardian manages to use every training-to-be-the-best cliché in the movie biz.
Or maybe from Jack Garner of the Gannett News Service:
Crowd-pleasing 'Guardian' is far from all wet...Are you intrigued by the sequences in "The Perfect Storm" in which Coast Guard rescue teams attempt to save storm-tossed sailors? If so, you'll be pleased that "The Guardian" tells a more-detailed story about people like them, courageous folks who are willing to jump into cold, rough seas to try to save human lives.
See more reviews here.

Perhaps I'm biased (Nah, say it ain't so), but I'll be watching this weekend, no matter what the critics say...

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