Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why Have Just One?

I'm surprised my brother hasn't yet blogged about this article I stumbled across. Perhaps polygamy is moving eastward?
A father may teach his young daughter about his religious belief in polygamy despite his ex-wife's objections, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said Thursday.

The 5-1 decision by the state's highest court said Stanley M. Shepp has a constitutional right to express his beliefs about plural marriages and multiple wives even though bigamy is illegal. Shepp considers himself a fundamentalist Mormon, though the Mormon church officially renounces polygamy.
Shepp's interest in polygamy evidently broke up his marriage; I'm wondering if this guy has his head screwed on straight. Who'd want to deal with more than one wife at a time?

And this just proves that women are smarter than men: you never hear about women wanting more than one husband...

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  1. so, you feel you have to DEAL with your wife... I think I feel sorry for your wife...oh, wait. that's me!