Monday, October 02, 2006

The Guardian at Number 2

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Well, okay, it didn't break any weekend records, but I'm guessing it will at least make it's backers some cash.

I settled in on Saturday to watch The Guardian with Richard, the middle son, at my side. The theatre was full, not packed, and I could see plenty of military personnel & their families in the crowd. I guess that's to be expected here in Hampton Roads.

So, how was it? Let me start with a quote from a review:
Admit it: Sometimes you get tired of art-house movies starring actors who take "their craft" very, very seriously.

Sometimes you want to buy an extra-large popcorn and settle in for a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster replete with entertaining explosions, undemanding dialogue and completely unrealistic action sequences.

If that sounds like gloriously uncomplicated fun, The Guardian is your movie.
It was fun... and uncomplicated... and mostly accurate (although, Kutcher's uniform in the last scene was just wrong. There couldn't have been a single Coastie on the set when they filmed it)... Great flight and rescue sequences... Okay, so there were a couple of scenes I wasn't too thrilled with; the whole get-in-a-bar-fight-with-Navy-guys was just not realistic. Okay, so the screenwriter wanted to get a couple of points across: the whole "we're not warriors that's why they don't like us." Living in a Navy town, I'd say this is perhaps more historical than current.

Overall, I'd give it a A- as an action film; not great art, but, as Costner noted, it's a formula film. And, it's worth seeing on the big screen...

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  1. You're right... it was predictable, but when I go to a ball park I know what I'm gonna see and I still love baseball. I loved this movie.

    Coastie Dad