Monday, October 02, 2006

Has the world gone crazy?

Has the entire world -- or at least the USA -- gone crazy in the past week? Another school shooting today, this time at a one-room Amish school house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Six dead, so say reports. Last week it was a principal in Wisconsin and then that sick'o in Colorado.

Today's shooting and the Colorado shooting both of guys walking in to the school, kicking the boys out, and then a flurry of gun-fire. I'm not sure what's worse: random violence or stalking violence? school house shootings or the bizarre molestations first.

Emily Keyes died in the Colorado incident. You likely already knew that. The perv who killed her, well... I'm amazed at the strength of her family and community. This touched me:
"Let us not allow the negative thoughts of what has occurred to enter or hearts," said Gonzalez [a family friend]. "Let us engage in random acts of kindness and pay this forward."
Random acts of kindness. Frankly, hard to grasp that with the news today.

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