Sunday, October 08, 2006

High schools take on artificial turf

Looking Down (Field)
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I was never a big fan of aritificial turf. Perhaps that marks me as an old man, I'm not sure. Perhaps it dates me. In either event, seems that artificial turf is making inroads at high schools.
But Centerville has joined the growing ranks of high schools around the nation that have replaced grass fields with a new generation of synthetic turf that sheds water, requires little maintenance and can be used around the clock by football, soccer and field hockey teams as well as bands and clubs.

Even though they're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time when most school budgets are under pressure, schools from Ohio to California are putting in the new turf as a long-term investment. In many cases, they're getting help from boosters and other private donors.
I remember that turf in the old days was rock-hard; or maybe that was cement-hard. Whatever; it was not a pleasure to play on.
Crushed stone provides the base for the newest generation of artificial turf. Small porous mats, to which the grass-like fibers are attached, are laid out and sewn together. Sand and tiny rubber pellets designed to simulate soil are poured over the top and settle at the base of the fibers.
Perhaps the days of ruined knees and ankles are over?

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