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Found this family-oriented review of THE GUARDIAN by Jane Horwitz:
"The Guardian" offers a salute to the U.S. Coast Guard and its elite Rescue Swimmers (who earned much praise in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina). The movie blends harrowing portrayals of high-seas rescues and rigorous training exercises with an utterly cliched story. Luckily, the protagonists are played by likable lugs Kevin Costner, whose weathering features and laid-back acting are always a kick, and Ashton Kutcher, who exhibits, at long last, some grit as an actor. Many teens will appreciate the movie's sincerity and action. "The Guardian" is about angry seas and the heroes who pluck people out of them - nothing more - with a surprisingly corny (even for this film), pseudo-mythic ending. In addition to the nongraphic depiction of drownings, near-drownings and injuries, the film shows a fiery helicopter crash, bar fights, implied overnight trysts, a comic bedroom scene with very muted sexuality, beer drinking and midrange profanity.
Mid-range profanity? Costner's character speaks like a Senior Chief who forgot how to cuss... Once, he utters the f-word. Last time I sat through a conversation with a Senior Chief he was able to use that word as every part of speech, including an adverb.


Sorry. I digress... Anyway, I went to THE GUARDIAN with my twelve year old son; it was plenty appropriate.

The pic with this post is from Atlantic City and is an official CG photo taken from the front page of the USCG website, today, at

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