Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How bad can it get? Very.

Just when I thought the news was bad enough, there's this...
A man who laid siege to a one-room Amish schoolhouse, killing five girls, told his wife shortly before opening fire that he had molested two young relatives decades ago and was tormented by "dreams of molesting again," authorities said Tuesday.

Charles Carl Roberts IV may have planned to molest the girls at the Amish school, but police have no evidence that he actually did, State Police Commissioner Jeffrey Miller said.

He said Roberts had sexual lubricant and flex-ties with him with he took the students hostage, and that he chained the girls together in a line at the blackboard after sending the boys and adults away. Roberts also had the weapons and supplies for long stand-off, he said.

"He states in his suicide note that he had dreams about doing what he did 20 years ago again," Miller said.
Just how much evil is there in the world?

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