Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How did I miss this?

Washington DC Sniper 2
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From the wire today, about Lee Boyd Malvo who is seeking to reach a global resolution all legal problems. He's got a vision.

Turns out his former mentor, John Allen Muhammad, had a vision, too:
In May, while helping prosecutors win convictions against Muhammad, Malvo gave two days of riveting testimony that provided the first insider account of the duo's three-week rampage across the Washington region, shooting random victims with a rifle while using a beat-up Chevrolet Caprice as cover.

Malvo said Muhammad wanted to use it to extort $10 million and wreak havoc. He described how they mapped out shooting sites and worked as a team — one spotting random victims, the other firing the .223-caliber rifle.

He also laid out Muhammad's grander scheme to shoot as many as six people each day for a month, target school buses and police with explosives, and set up a camp in Canada where homeless children would be trained as terrorists.
Set up a camp in Canada where they would train homless children as terrorists? Wow; vision. Maybe before the Commonwealth of Virginia fries Muhammad, he could offer workshops on visioning.

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