Friday, October 20, 2006

I would hire this guy sight unseen...

Livin La Vida Vayner
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Seems that Mr. Vayner might be able to land a job afterall... As reported in The New Yorker, advertising executive Donny Deutsch said on MSNBC that he was impressed, noting "I would hire this guy sight unseen.” (You might be able to see the interview here.)

Of course, we've all seen Mr. Vayner, even if Mr. Deutsch hasn't... and if you are one of the six or seven people left on the internet who haven't seen him, you should.

Anyway, back to Mr. Vayner... I loved what The New Yorker had to say:
On its face, Vayner’s C.V. may be the world’s greatest, which raises the question of why he’s looking for an entry-level finance position—the fallback for so many unremarkable Ivy Leaguers who lack dual backgrounds in espionage and Eastern medicine.
You can see is resume (although, at 11 pages, it's not really a resume) here. Read the resume soon, as, according to the New York Post, Mr. Vayner is crying foul.

In the mean time, Mr. Vayner might want to consider advertising with Donny Deutsch rather than investment banking with UBS.

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