Friday, October 13, 2006

More Coast Guard capabilities now in the open

Turns out the plane crash earlier this week was captured on film by Coast Guard video cameras operated by the Vessel Traffic System in New York. From WABC in New York:
The video of the impact from the fatal plane crash on the Upper East Side is from a camera that, until now, has been secret. It turns out the Coast Guard quietly installed several security cameras and trained them on the waterways surrounding Manhattan.

One of those cameras captured the crash impact. Now, we take you on a rare look inside the Coast Guard command center to see those monitors.
When a barge exploded just off Staten Island three years ago, a vast network of Coast Guard cameras captured everything -- just as they captured dramatic video of Cory Lidle's plane plunging into a Manhattan high-rise.

That tragic crash was witnessed by members of the United States Coast Guards' Vessel Traffic Center.

Located at Staten Island's Fort Wadsworth, this is a nerve center where highly trained civilian and uniformed members of the Coast Guard monitor cameras and remote radar sites along New York and New Jersey's waterways.

When the plane hit ...

"The USCG was the first to respond," an official said.

Coast Guard officials say they responded by sealing off the waterway near the scene and notifying other law enforcement agencies.

Patrick Mannion, United States Coast Guard: "The plane was flying low enough that we were able to see it approach the building and actually strike the building."
Check out the WABC article and watch the newscast report which includes the hazy images captured by the Coast Guard cameras.

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