Monday, October 02, 2006

What will parents think?

Dorm room
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I can remember my disbelief my freshman year at Trinity College that I was not only in a coed dorm, but I was on a coed floor; my neighbors were all women. I don't know what my parents thought; I was in culture shock.

At William & Mary, there's a proposal to tear down even those barriers.
Parents, if you're still coming to grips with coed dorms, you might want to sit down: Student leaders at The College of William and Mary believe its Williams and Marys should be allowed to share the same dorm rooms.

The student Senate has passed a bill calling on the college administration to establish a voluntary "gender blind" housing option by next school year, allowing members of the opposite sex to live together.
Hmm... that'll shock parents... er, hey, that could be me in four years... Ouch.

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