Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where your tax dollars go

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I'm a huge fan of transparency... and I just stumbled onto this new website, Want to know where your tax dollars are going? Cruise FedSending and get lost in the details. Here's what the website says:
You have a right to know how the federal government spends its money.
This website, created by OMB Watch, is a free, searchable database of federal government spending. To begin searching, select either the Grants or Contracts tab at the top left side of this page. You can easily switch back and forth as you search.

The data below on total federal spending was taken directly from the database. With over $12 trillion in federal spending, this more open and accessible tool for citizens to find out where federal money goes and who gets it is long overdue. We believe this website is a good first step toward providing that access.
I think it's a darn good first step... And I really liked the next bit from the website:
We hope you will explore this site. But mostly we hope you will use the data to hold our elected leaders and government agencies accountable for their actions.
Hmmm.... Anyway, surf on over and check it out... and see where the money for your favorite federal agency went...

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