Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another not so good idea

Today just seems like it's going to be full of not-so-good ideas. Here's the next one... and I swear to you, I'm not out actually looking for these; I stumble over them... so here it is...

Gerald Fraller, 28, from Tampa Florida, is "selling his soul." I'm reminded of the Simpson's episode where Bart sells it soul; it doesn't go too well for ol' Bart. I hope it goes better for Mr. Fraller.

From his website:
Hi there! I’m Gerald and I am offering you a chance to own my soul. Now I know what you’re saying... how can someone sell his soul.

Let me start by saying this is not a publicity stunt. This is a real contest. The winner of my soul will enter into a binding contract that offers them specific benefits of soul ownership.

It’s really a very simple business proposition that goes something like this:

1. You donate funds for a chance to win my soul. Each dollar donated gets one entry in the drawing. The proceeds go towards helping me change my life – a life you’ll soon find that really needs changing.

2. In return, I offer the winner certain control over various aspects of my life, such as deciding the names of my kids, sharing in the profits of my endeavors and inheriting a portion of my estate.

There will be a definite winner and that winner will receive among other things:

* A percentage of my taxable income for the rest of my life with a guaranteed minimum of $500.00 per year.
* The right to choose the first name of all of my children. The name has to be gender specific and cannot contain profanity or derogatory words.
* A percentage of profit ownership of any intellectual works that I create.
* The option of planning my wedding, including selecting the date.
I'm not sure how long he's been hawking his soul, but he's only had 435 entries, so far. That's $435...

How much does a soul go for these days?

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